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Beat Procastination and Take Action

Taking action is the strongest and most proven way to create success in your life. Many of us suffer from procrastination, and end up with the feeling of failure and underachievement.

What is procrastination? Well it is simply putting of until tomorrow that what can be done today. I call procrastination the Thief of Time. While we are busy putting things off and beating ourselves up for not achieving, life is simply passing us by. I hear people say that the reason that they are not achieving their goals is because they are lazy, and that they do not have good organisational skills. I don’t believe this for a minute. I have yet to meet a lazy person, and organisational skills can be learnt.

What I do believe is that people are procrastinating and that one of the main reasons that they are procrastinating is that they are already overloaded with too much to do in their day. Also what can hold us back from achieving our outcomes is thinking too much about the result and not the process. The result is the end product while the process is the steps we take to get to the result. Here are some Actions that you can take right now, to start being successful in your life, business, career, relationships, or family.

1. STOP … the way you do things presently. Recognise how you are living your life, what is working for you and what is not working. If you are not achieving the results you want then try to do things in a different way.
2. VISUALIZE … your goals… your challenges… your successes. Imagining or seeing yourself achieve your goals can be very powerful in helping you attain your goals.
3. MAKE A LIST…of your daily tasks and prioritise them in order of their importance. This is a good exercise to do the evening before so that you have an idea of the order of your next day. Be flexible with you list and tick tasks off as you complete them.
4. DO … one thing every day that you do not want to do: this will help move forward and move you closer to your goals.
5. Always … acknowledge your successes no matter how small.

By taking these steps you will be surprised at the success and feeling of achievement that you will have when you start to take action.

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