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Life Coaching by Kathy O'Connor
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Creating and Living the Life You Want

There are a number of things that can hold you back from creating and living the life that you want and dream of. I have recognised five categories that can contribute to holding people back. As you read them see how they relate to yourself.

1. Clarity – Some people are held back because they don’t know what they are trying to create or to achieve..
2. The Plan – You need to have a clear plan laid out to achieve your most desired outcomes.
3. Skills – Do you have the skills you need to accomplish your goals? Maybe there is a skill set you need to learn or to develop.
4. Self Talk / Attitudes – The fourth potential area that may be holding you back is your beliefs, your attitude, your confidence level, and negative self talk.. Do you have the correct mindset you need to achieve your dreams?
5.Environment. – Is your environment, and the people in it, supportive of the direction you want to move in?

Ask yourself questions about these five areas. If you feel stale, stuck or stagnant in anyway consider what steps you can take to unravel yourself and start moving forward in your life to make this the life that you are happy and contented to be living. Coaching is one way to help yourself make creative positive changes in your life.

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