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Life Coaching by Kathy O'Connor
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Public Speaking - Reduce Stress, Enjoy the Opportunity and Achieve Success

This course will offer participants a clear understanding of causes of public speaking stress and skills to aide them when Public Speaking.

Duration of Course: 1 Day

Course Aims:

  • Ways to help you overcome the fear of Public speaking.
  • To understand the stress associated with Public speaking.
  • Key Principles to help you speak with impact and without nerves.

Public speaking can be one of the most stressful challenges that a person can face. In today’s busy and changing workplace there are many opportunities to speak in public, i.e. giving presentations, speaking on committees, in groups, at weddings, facilitating groups and large conferences. Learning to relax and to work with the stresses make the challenge more fun and enjoyable. This workshop is designed to offer a comfortable and safe learning environment to freely explore personal outcomes.

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