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Life Coaching by Kathy O'Connor
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Getting it Right

When you take the time to stop and think about what it is that you want from your life what usually happens is that you will look for something different or better than what you already have. What is required is that some kind of change will occur. The main areas that are normally explored are:

  • Career looking to change jobs, get that promotion, further training, settle that conflict or to find a new way of behaving in the workplace to create a happy working environment.
  • Financial security, disposable income, pensions and saving, budgeting
  • Relationship seeking change that will help the relationship meet the needs of each other, developing communication skills, being assertive and learning to ask for what you want.
  • Family exploring family values, setting boundaries, developing strategies that create a happy family environment
  • Health. Dealing with illness, mental physical and emotional health, changing eating habits, developing a manageable exercise regimen, quit smoking.
  • Leisure having fun, social life, exploring hobbies.
  • Personal development getting to know one self and developing new skills
  • Spiritual growth Exploring one’s spirituality

As you note the change that you are seeking and as you begin to take action toward the achievement of your goals and dreams, you may realize that to make that change is more difficult than what you anticipated. Not every action that you take will produce the desired result and .not every action will work.

Making mistakes and experimenting to see what happens are all part of the process of eventually getting it right.

Thomas Edison is reported to have tried over 2,000 different experiments that failed before he finally got the light bulb to work. He once told a reporter that, from his perspective, he had never failed at all. Inventing the light bulb was just a 2,000-step process and that he had found 2,000 ways of how not to do it. If you can adopt that attitude, then you can be free to take an action, notice what result you get, and then adjust your next actions based on the feedback you have received.

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